The Pineberry Shed
The Pineberry Shed
One of 5 tree fields covered in snow
One of 5 tree fields covered in snow

Family Owned

Our premium Balsam (any size) trees are shipped nationwide both wholesale and retail and come visit our choose-and-cut in person. Many families choose and cut from our plantation in the glorious Northeast Kingdom of Vermont.

Give us a call at 802-626-8075 or e-mail us at [email protected].

Your tree will come with our thanks from the Potter Family and your memories.

Best come after 10am Weekdays till dark during early winter/winter season.

Pineberry Farm location
1514 Vertical Mile Road
Wheelock, VT

Our Promise

Our family Christmas Tree Farm has been working for your family Christmas for a long time. Last year we sold 60 tons of Balsam brush from 60 acres of stump culture.